Fortune Electric 8th Power System Technology Symposium- TAIPEI 2016

[Global Green the newsletter reported / 2016-11-04]adtek-power-meter-_-fortune-electric
CHY- ARCHITECTS / T.C Chen Architects (Second from the right)and HOYAI / Stone P.E.E(Third from the right)、ADTEK / K.K Marketing Manager (First from the left)

The 8th Fortune Electric Power System Technology Symposium will be held in Taipei , Taiwan, in the period 4th Nov 2016. The Fortune Electric an exchange listed company follows the success of Global Green Energy Solutions, The symposium is held every year and has a reputation for its excellent scientific presentations and discussions.

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The aim of the exhibition is to promote technical discussions and business contacts between specialists in the field. More than 200 decision makers, designers, technical staffs etc… In recent years, power electronic loads have been used widely, therefore, many harmonic current sources exist in the power system, this will affect loads and power system, are expected. for this 8th edition, next to the regular topics, a special attention will be devoted to systems and processes, control of renewable power sources with the development route of the transformer main protection technology is given. Part 1: In this case an analysis of transformer failures, Part 2: Causes, prevention, and maximum service.

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Offshore wind is a new marketing. This includes ADTEK Model CPM-12 multifunction power meter applications power grid automation energy, management system to division undertakes the planning of new energy power generation facilities with utilising solar and wind-generated electricity in a stand-alone system, onshore wind energy resources had been constructed or planned transmission systems  … These turbines will double renewable energy to 16 percent of Taiwan’s total capacity,  which are one of the challenges of the next decade.

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Innovation in the field of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging infrastructure establishment of a mechanism for ongoing enhancements to the system. Extra arrangement ADTEK Model CPM-12 multifunction power meter applications charging systems, the potential grid impacts of charging during peak periods, projects focused on establishing the charging infrastructure with Taiwan.



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