New World nine Landmarks

National Taichung Theater

A quote from Theater…., some of you may recall the performance was perfect, touches the deepest part of the heart with Thanks to Japanese architect Toyo Ito creatively colorful masterpieces, if you want to blend into the background in new world nine landmarks you need to be ready to stand out – National Taichung Theater.

IMG_20151202_135744_HDR.jpgUsing the concept of the primitive caves and holes designed the world first and only Sound Cave Curved Wall for National Taichung Theater. When I close my eyes the gentle breeze of primitive caves fills my ears, with dreams of love and swaying trees, of hibiscus and buzzing bees. it’s the world’s first no vertical and horizontal structures and  curve surfaced hanging structure building.

IMG_20151202_160124_HDR_2.jpgFor those who want to explore the city on two wheels but don’t have their own bike, Business logo printed on “ADTEK" of the cycling team sponsors. Play a very important role in the National Taichung Theater iBike Ride.

IMG_20151202_140249_HDRA bicycle’s often far more convenient than a car in busy cities. Biking on the National Taichung Theater sidewalk can sometimes feel like a safer option than riding in the street with traffic.

圖片1“Mountain surrounded by snow “While that will remain a curious footnote in the building’s history, the remarkable views from the Sky Garden on its uppermost floors will surely, Looking out over an amazing landscape, It’s might not be what you expect…

圖片3When I pictured exceptionally symmetrical cone, I envisioned a Landscape of mountain with snow like Mount Fuji’s, I had no idea there were mountains. Please guys, tell me I am not alone in imagining this, right?

Air conditioner in proper working installed on an attic floor,
look at VRF systems from brands like Hitachi Air Conditioning Efficiency. (Typically VRV units)

The output matches the original frequency pulse power for the entire calculator. (Not responding communication interface – must be designed as RS485 data line)

Built-in function models : ADTEK CPM-10 With in Management of Taichung Theater central air-conditioning systems Use the CPM-10 POWER METER to figure out how much energy at the electricity consumption of the AC

Air conditioning unit using US-CTA (split-core transformer) with in small space.

IMG_20151202_133414_HDR.jpgAlthough I travel for a living I’ve only seen a fraction of this planet and my bucket list grows longer – not shorter – with every trip I take – The Best Cities for the Art Theater.



3 則留言 追加

  1. Eliza 說道:

    Wow ! &^.<&
    I had no clue that Taichung theater had Mount Fuji’s! Which is totally embarrassing btw because I have been there once.
    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Jack 說道:

    Oh wow that looks absolutely fantastic.

  3. 匿名 說道:

    it’s really a beautiful building and I think also it’s a trend to a smart green building in the future.


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